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4-Line Business Phone with Caller ID (ITC-420)

  • Expandable up to 12 Stations - Our Execufone Series system phones are all compatible and can accommodate up to 4 lines and 12 stations.

  • Call Waiting Caller ID* - 200 of your most recent Caller ID names and numbers are stored and can be dialed with the touch of a button.

  • 200 Name & Number Directory - Store frequently dialed numbers in an alphabetically sorted database for easy, one-touch dialing.

  • 2-Way Speakerphone - Allows the convenience of answering calls and working while talking, handsfree.

  • One Station / All Station Page - Make paging announcements to one station or all stations with the push of a button.

  • Station-to-Station Intercom - Make station-to-station intercom calls, up to two simultaneously, without tying up telephone lines.

  • Call Transfer - Transfer a call from one handset to another.

  • Privacy Protection - All calls are private unless the talking station releases privacy protection.

  • Power Failure Protection - In the event of a power failure, vital information is retained and telephone calls can be made and received on line.

  • 20 Name / Number Autodial - Conveniently store up to 20 names and numbers.

  • 3-Way Call Conferencing (with 2 Lines) - One incoming line can conference with two stations, or two incoming lines can conference with one station.

  • Hold with Reminder - Allows you to place a call on-hold and audibly alerts you if you leave a call on-hold for an extended period of time.

  • Line Status Indicator - The LCD allows you to visually confirm the status mode of each phone line.

  • Voice Mail Indicator ** - LED flashes when new voice mail is received. LCD indicates which lines have new voice mail.

  • Automatic Line Selection - Simply lift the handset and you are instantly connected to the next available line.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) - Silence the phone so you can work without distractions.

  • Headset Jack - Connect any standard telephone headset for hands-free calling.

  • Auto Redial - Automatically redials a busy or unanswered phone call on demand.

  • 2 Data / Fax Ports - Allows easy connection of a personal computer, notebook computer, or fax machine.

  • Call Waiting Caller ID* - This valuable feature displays the name and number of the caller in call waiting, even while you're on the phone.

  • Station-to-Station ID - The LCD displays intercom station's ID.

  • Complete compatibility with the Uniden model 420i.

  • 1 year replacement warranty

4 Line Business Phones

Retail Price:  $199.99      Your Price:  $179.99


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