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5.8Ghz Digital Cordless Business Phone (ITC-5850)

Know who’s calling even before you grab the handset. Talking Caller ID announces the name and number of the caller. Full-function charging base with speakerphone, illuminated keypad and LCD, allows you to access all phone features, without a handset, right from the base. Built-in speaker phone, headet jack & belt clip give you a complement of hands-free options. Backlit graphical display and intuitive softkey user interface puts all features at your fingertips. Elegant design, simple to use...that’s the IntelliTouch signature.

Business Digital Cordless Phones

Retail Price:  $139.95      Your Price:  $129.95


  5.8Ghz Digital Cordless Business Phone (ITC-5850)

  VoIP Broadband Business Phone (ITC-3002)

  4-Line Business Phone with Caller ID (ITC-420)

  2-Line Multifunction Caller ID Speakerphone (ITC-225)

  1-Line Multifunction Caller ID Speakerphone (ITC-125)

  1-Line Multifunction Caller ID Business Phone (ITC-120)

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