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VoIP Broadband Business Phone (ITC-3002)

  • Compliant with IETF SIP RFC3261
Voice Handling:
  • G.711 a/law audio codec and ther options 
  • AGC, CNG, and VAD (silence suppression)
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (G.165, G.167) 
  • Adaptive jitter buffering.
  • In-band and out-band (RFC2833) DTMF
  • Volume adjustment to speaker, microphone, Ring, tone and handset
  • User-programmable ring tone table support
  • Full-duplex hand-free speakerphone (*)
Dialing Methods:
  • On-hook (hand-free) dialing
  • Redial key dialing the last dialed numbers
  • Phone-book and call record dialing
  • Extension number dialing thru Server
Call Features:
  • Basic call functions
  • Digest Authentication during Registration
  • Power-on and periodic Registration
  • Supplementary call services: 
    line/call appearance, Call Hold/Release, all forward (no answer, busy, unconditional)
    all transfer (blinded/attended), call waiting
    all park/pickup, call waiting indication
    message waiting indication, Distinctive ring one alert, one alert, Call conference by phone, Call conference by server, Caller ID and call offer/answer etc.
  • Redial and Speed-dial
  • Phone Book and Call record
  • Do Not Disturb and Auto-answer function
Configuration and Management:
  • Local Configuration with Keypad / LCD display
  • Remote Configuration thru Web-based management
  • Telnet command line configuration supported
  • Powerful  IP phone Tools utility supported for enterprise administrator(*)
  • 32 characters LCD display (2 lines with 16 characters each)
  • Supports Time/date, Call timer, Caller ID and Phone mode status display
Feature Keys:
  • 3 context-sensitive soft keys
  • 5 programmable feature buttons
  • 6 fixed keys: Hold, transfer, mute, redial, message waiting and speaker.
Network Protocols:
  • TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, DHCP client, Ping, DNS client, SNTP client, Telnet Server, Web server, TFTP/FTP client, PPPoE, STUN NAT traversal, SNMP V2 / SIP Mib(*) support
  • One LAN port for WAN internet access
  • One PC port for user PC or subnet segment
  • One Power jack
LED indicators:
  • One LAN link LED
  • One LAN activity indication LED
  • One Message Waiting Indication LED
  • One Speakerphone (line 1) LED 
LAN Port:
  • Dual10M BaseT/100M BaseTx RJ-45 connectors
  • QoS (VLAN 802.1p and 802.1q) support
  • ToS (Diffserv) support
Power Supply:
  • 9V DC / 900mA linear power adapter
  • Standard 5mm diameter DC jack
  • 5 plug types for different countries available(*)

Retail Price:  $169.95      Your Price:  $99.99


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