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On-Hold Plus 7500


  • Sound Quality - The OHP-7500 transfers audio from the integrated CD drive to flash memory at a bit rate of 98kbps. When files are loaded to the flash memory directly, the 7500 can handle better than CD quality files at a bitrate of high as 196 KBPS and sample rate of 48kHz. Fantastic sound quality can be achieved at a bitrate of 32kbps and a 32K sampling rate for MP3 and a 20k sampling rate for WMA (Windows Media Audio).

  • Analog Phone Capability (OHP-7500 only)
    Adds true "hold button" on-hold audio activation to ordinary annalog and KSU-less phones.

  • Input
    Integrated CD drive
    SD memory card slot

  • Sample Rate
    8 kHz

  • Output
    8 ohm: 4 volts peak to peak
    600 ohm: 8 volts peak to peak

  • Memory
    Internal 128 MB
    External Up to 1 GB (SD card)

  • Playback Capacity
    Audio CD 80 minutes
    MP3 CD 480 minutes
    Internal memory up to 128 MB (480 minutes at 32 kbps @ 32K rate)
    SD Card up to 1 GB (4000 minutes at 32 kbps @ 32K rate)

  • Formats Supported
    Via Integrated CD Drive:
    - Audio CD
    - MP3 Encoded CD
    Via USB or SD Card:
    - MP3
    - WMA

  • Jacks
    USB (1.1)
    Audio Out (RCA)
    SD Card
    DC Power (12V)

  • Switches/Controls
    Select (up/down)
    Volume (up/down)
    Repeat Mode (one/all/shuffle)

  • Display
    Playback Mode (play/stop)
    Repeat Mode (one/all/shuffle)
    Volume Setting
    Internal Memory (on-board)
    External Memory (SD Card)
    ID3 Tag (track name 1 artist)
    Running time of track and total track length
    Track number playing and total number of tracks stored

  • Power
    12VDC @ 1000MA
    Source 110VAC, 60Hz UL/CSA power pack

  • Physical
    Size: 11" x 9" x 4.5" (LWD)
    Weight: 5 lbs

  • On-Hold Plus 7500 Message and Music System

    Retail Price:  $499.95      Sale Price = $399.99
    If ordering 2 = $374.99
    If ordering 3-5 = $364.99
    If ordering 6-10 = $354.99
    If ordering 11+ = $339.99


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