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What's Included

On-Hold Plus 7500

OHP-7500 series units include:
  • OHP-7500 Series - MP3 Digital On-Hold Audio Player with Multi-Track CD Autoload

  • MessageStudio Software - produce your own custom on-hold audio from your PC's desktop.

  • HoldTracks Audio CD - update your audio with additional on-hold audio tracks in a variety of styles

  • Audio cables:

       o (1) audio cable to connect between your PC and the
           player when recording

       o (1) audio cable to connect the player to your phone
           system or the optional on-hold adapter

       o (1) RCA to mini-jack adapter

       o USB cable - to connect between your PC and the player
          to transfer audio content

       o Audio Cables – Includes both and RCA to 3.5mm mini and
          RCA to RCA audio cable...so you’ll have the right cable to
          connect the player to your phone system.

  • AC adapter (110VAC)

  • User Manual

  • Integrated analog phone line adapter module

    • (2) Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators TEHMAs (additional adapters available seperately)

    • (2) Phone jack "T" adapters

    • (2) 6' telephone line cords

    • (2) 4" corded phone handset cords

    • (2) Cordless phone adapter cables

  • The OHP-7500 is backed with a 3 year warranty!

On-Hold Plus 7500

OHP 7500

Retail Price:  $499.95      Sale Price = $399.99
If ordering 2 = $374.99
If ordering 3-5 = $364.99
If ordering 6-10 = $354.99
If ordering 11+ = $339.99


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