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Partner & Affiliate Websites

OnHoldPhone.com supports and recognizes the following websites and businesses for providing quality products and services to consumers nationwide. Visit the websites below to learn more about what they have to offer.

American Survival- American survival kits and bulk food storage.

gotmpg.com - Best and worst mpg. Find out gas miles per gallong for your car.

Sundance Furnishings carries fine rustic log furniture for bedrooms, offices, and more. This furniture is great for log cabins and condos. From bed frames to dressers to pet beds, Sundace Furnishings has a fine assortment of rustic log furniture.

BraceletBabies.com carries folding table and chairs set suitable for younger children. The children's folding table and chairs sets are great because they fold up for easy storage and kids love them.

Business Telecom Serivcess- Business Telecommunications solutions for all your business telecom needs including T1 Long Distance, Fast Ethernet, MPLS, and other Network Services.

SnowStuf.com (one F) carries a unique snow shoe that is lighter and performs better than other leading snow shoe brands. Visit Snowstuf to learn more about this great new winter product.

MPLS Provider - MPLS Network Providers for your business. Get the best rates on mpls network services..

Troy Cowboy is soon to be child's haven for children's books, comic books, and great comical and cartooned entertainment. Watch for upcoming books, tv shows, and maybe some day a movie written and illustrated by none other than Troy Cowboy.

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