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On-Hold Messages

In spite of our best intetions, it is a fact that everyone gets put on hold sometime - Even your customer. Why not turn that into an opportunity!

Results from a national study about customers who are placed on hold:
  • Callers with SILENCE-ON-HOLD will abandon their calls in less than one minute; 90% hang up within 40 seconds.
  • Callers with MUSIC-ON-HOLD will stay on the line 30 seconds longer than with only silence.
  • Callers with INFORMATION-ON-HOLD will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.
US West Communications found that information-on-hold results in:
  • 40% increase in retention of callers on-hold
  • 15% increase in inquiries
  • 12% increase in requests for products and services mentioned on-hold
North American Telecommunications Association

On-Hold Plus Music Systems

HoldTracks - On-Hold Music and Audio CD

Each OHP-7000 series product is prerecorded with great sounding music combined with “thank you for holding” messages interspersed throughout the production at one-minute intervals. The HoldTacks Music and Audio CD, which comes FREE with the OHP 7000 and OHP 7500, is a collection of 8 additional licensed music choices which are combined with the same type of “thank you for holding" messages detailed above. Simply drop the CD into the OHP-7000 and change the music format whenever you’d like. Each track is a full 7-minutes/45-seconds long, so you won't run the risk of holding your customers captive with obnoxious repetition!

HoldTracks includes the following music format choices: Light Contemporary, Classical, Bright Jazz, Easy Country, Corporate, Soft Jazz, Acoustic Piano, and Holiday Music.

On Hold Music Systems - More Information

On-Hold Plus Music

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