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On-Hold Plus Phone Accessories

TEHMA - Telephone Extension Hold Music Activator

Get true "hold button" activation on every phone extension

In order to achieve true "hold button" activation, we created a small module called a TEMHA (telephone extension hold music activator). This line-powered activator sends a signal down the phone line telling the OHP-4500 unit whether or not the phone is on-hold. Only phone extensions with a TEHMA can put a call on-hold with the phone's hold button.

Phones without a TEHMA can put a call on-hold by pressing the star key twice and then pressing the phone's hold button. Like all OHP-products, TEHMAs are very easy to install. The TEHMA simply connects in between the hand set and the base when using an ordinary analog phone, and in between the handset and the headset when using a cordless phone.

  • TEHMA (Telephone Extension Hold Music Activator)
  • 4" handset line cord
  • Cordless phone adapter cable
The MOH 500e, OHP-4500, OHP-5500, OHP-6500, and OHP-7500 On-Hold Plus systems all ship with 2 TEHMAs.

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